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Crossfit Shoes Design: Reviews Of New Balance Minimus Sneaker

Crossfit workout has become very popular around the globe. Actually, several items for crossfit reasons are widespread on the market like crossfit t shirts, pants and shoes. Furthermore, people are exerting their efforts in finding the right shoes for crossfit (here reviews from http://workoutgearlab.com Julia and team which will enhance anyone's crossfit routines. Several brands of crossfit footwear is contending in the market and among the active rivals is the New Balance Minimus Life crossfit footwear. This review can give emphasis on this footwear. Therefore, in case you are fascinated with this item, read through further. There are some active people who are already using New … [Read More...]

Squat Racks Designs And Models

Why Power Racks? You might notice that we only review power racks on this page instead of traditional squat stands.  There are many types of squat racks and various terms for each type.  Here is our reasoning for only recommending power racks, and a rundown of the various issues related to other types of squat racks: Squat Stands:   The appeal here is that they are usually a lot cheaper than a cage, but they provide zero safety if you fail on a lift and are really not ideal for home use. Even when outfitted with a safety bar, if you fall backwards you’re out of luck. A cage would safely catch the weight. For a comical look at what can happen while using these (not that YOU would ever have this problem, of course) take a look at this video: Squat Rack: A squat rack is much safer … [Read More...]

CrossFit Photography

In this clip low-light photography course with Jared Polin, explains the shots he making for when shooting in a low light ZCrossfit gym. Jared sets up action and portrait shoots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLUn9WRnpRc … [Read More...]

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